What, me blog? Part deux.

I have made an earlier venture into blogging, but found that I did not have the time, or the compulsive urge, to compose and promulgate the ideas that pass by me in my day-to-day experiences.

But in recent months there has been a renewed desire to share some of the experiences, plans, projects, and opinions I have with anyone who might find them interesting or who might contribute to their evolution into more than just the musings and interests of a curious person.

Spontaneous emission is the process where an atom or molecule, previously activated to a high energy level, returns to its natural state and emits a photon.  The photon and its energy is then returned and released to the universe.

It cannot be predicted when an atom will host such an event; it is spontaneous.  And so are the entries in this blog.  But each entry will be the release of creative energy being delivered to the cyber universe that we all now explore.  I hope you find them of interest.

Torr Oslo

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