And now for something completely different.

Sometimes, when I try to describe to others what I do as a color scientist, I am asked if I can fix their photos.  Usually it is to make their printer look more like their monitor, but a few years ago it was a friend asking about how to correct his underwater pictures while scuba diving. It turns out that this is an unsolved problem in color science and it was intriguing enough that I spent some time studying it, and worked out a solution for a simple geometry using my friend’s images as test cases.

Five years later I decided to submit a summary of this work to the international Color Imaging Conference, this year held in Lillehammer Norway.  Remarkably, it was accepted, and doubly remarkably, it was runner up for the coveted “Cactus Award” for interactive poster papers.

Here are the posters I presented for this work.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask.

Underwater Color Correction.2017.poster.pg1.8x15-1

Underwater Color Correction.2017.poster.pg2.8x15-1

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